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About Us

Babysitting Logistics was developed in April 2021 by our CEO & Founder, Jasmine Lane, because it is a service she needed as a single mother of two. Motherhood is a blessing, but it can be a barrier to living a healthy balanced life if you don’t have the proper support.


Babysitting Logistics was invented to take the stress off having to ask a relative to watch your children repeatedly to attend the event you really want to attend. Were here to provide that overworked Mother, Father, Grandparent a moment to relax and regroup so that they can continue to provide the nurture and care our children need. You are your best self when you take care of you. We are here for that couple that wants to put that spark back in their marriage and has no family around to help. Babysitting Logistics is here to service all family's needs in a simplistic way. 




Bachelor of Social Work | 7+ Years of experience in early intervention | Over a decade of experience babysitting | Mother of two daughters | Resident of South Fayette Community

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