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Maximize Fun in the Summer Sun!

Updated: Jul 3

Do you ever get anxious when summer break rolls around? Thoughts of summer camp, activities, transportation and mealtime can be a dire to think about, especially if you have multiple children to consider! Babysitting Logistics has curated a stress free and easy to follow guide on how to maximize summertime and minimize chaos.



  1. Maximize Daily Routines

  2. Summer Bucket Lists

  3. Safety Tips


Maximizing Daily Routines

Maximizing time during the summer involves a blend of planning and spontaneous enjoyment, ensuring a balance between productivity and relaxation. No matter if you work from home, participate in summer camps, work out of the office or even stay at home with the little ones, Babysitting Logistics' stress-free journey map can help you use the summer hours in an effective way that both children and parents will enjoy.

  • First, determine what kind of structure you use or would like to implement. Do you go with the flow of the day or do follow a certain schedule?

  • Second, choose from a list of productivity-to-time ratio segments to create or add to your daily routine schedule.

  • Third, take a look at our Summer Bucket List which has many fun things to do during summer break and will help maximize the times in the day.

  • Fourth, once you have an idea of how you would like to organize your days, be sure to implement and maintain this structure. Even if unexpected life events occur, with this structure you won't need to worry about reconfiguring new things to do.


Alternate the amount of time you need to fit your daily schedule increments

**Tip: Set a timer to keep you and kids on track

Increments: 30 minutes / 45 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Productivity List:

  • Educational activity: reading, workbook, educational games

  • Craft/Hands on Activity: artwork or experiment

  • Free play indoors: child-initiated play with existing toys (can be done independently)

  • Free play outdoors: bike rides, plash pads, flower picking (can be done independently)

  • Out of home activity: see our Summer Bucket List

  • Meal help: allow children to assist in making lunch, breakfast and dinner

  • Screentime: favorite tv show, movie, video games


Summer Bucket List

Try all these things or put a handful of these activities in rotation.

50 cool things to do this summer!

Go on a bike ride

Make something tie-dye

Play with water balloons

Create a time capsule

Play with water inflated pad for babies

Do a random act of kindness

Make mud pies

Read 5 books

Go to a carnival

Create a fall/winter bucket list

Go to story time at the library

Have a picnic

Go to your local splash park

Count the stars

Watch the sunset

Watch fireworks

Catch fireflies

Create sidewalk chalk art

Play different sports

Camp in the backyard

Go on a scavenger hunt

Make a bird feeder

Have a dance party

Make homemade playdough or slime

Paint something

Have a family board game tournament

Volunteer at a local charity

Have a DIY pizza night

Create artwork for senior citizens

Build a fort

Make smores

Play tag

Get snow cones

Visit the beach

Go flower picking

Put on a play or talent show

Swing on the swings

Sleep in

Make a new friend at the park

Stay up late

Take a silly picture

Write a letter to someone

Take a picture in front of a colored wall

Have a slumber party with family and friends

Visit a museum

Plant flowers

Visit a super park

Wash the family car

Blow bubbles



Safety Tips

Babysitting Logistics wants to make sure every family has proper safety knowledge to keep all family and friends safe! If you’re ever unsure about what to do always consult your doctor, search the internet for local and federal government cited links, and seek professional help.

1.      Stay hydrated. If your kids play outside on a hot day, have them take frequent water and snack breaks. Children often ignore signals of heat exhaustion, so you may need to require breaks. Buy the kids fun, reusable water bottles to keep them motivated to drink up!

2.      Designate a water watcher. Drownings can happen in an instant. If you need to walk away even for a moment, assign an adult to actively watch your child when they are near a body of water.

3.      Always check the water conditions. Before rafting or boating, always check the forecast before going out on the water. Have all children, even those who can swim, wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket, even if the water is calm.

4.      Sunscreen! Sun is harshest from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. Children under one year old should avoid direct sunlight during this time. Make sure to constantly reapply during these hours. Set a good example and apply it on yourself as well.

5.      Never leave a child alone in a car. In just 10 minutes, the inside of a vehicle can become so hot that it can be deadly. Even if you roll the windows down, it’s never a good idea.

6.      Don’t play with fireworks. They’re fun to look at, but fireworks can be extremely harmful if they aren’t handled by an adult. Sparklers get hot enough to melt metal and should never be handled by a child under three years of age. Fireworks are the cause of life-threatening injuries and burns every year.

7.      Fire safety. Don’t leave children unattended near grills, campfires, or bonfires. Keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher near the area when there is a fire burning. If your child is burned, run cool water on it for five minutes; never put ice on a burn. If it begins to blister or looks leathery, take your child to the emergency room.


More Info  

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